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Electrical Consultancy

We offer our clients excellent and quality services in Electrical Installtion & design for many years, with the best global practice, dedicated and trustworthy staffers.

The works we have undertook over the years speaks for us, ranging from residential and office building electrical designs, wiring and fittings, commercial building electrical designs and wiring, installations of electrical and electronics appliances/equipment. We also offer supplies of cost effective, durable and quality electrical tools, equipment, materials such as electric poles, cables and other electrical and electronics consumables.

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CCTV & Camera Installation

We deliver best quality security gadget and installations to our clients.

For many years, Digitech had secured many residences and offices with its high-tech security gadgets such as CCTV and web cameras. Also we are into personal security gadgets such as Pen, belt, belt, face-cap, button, neck-tie, spectacle, calculator and other hidden-customized cameras which could be accessed through android phones anywhere in the world without distance barrier.We also offer supplies of cost effective, durable and quality CCTV gadgets, equipment and materials such as cameras, cables, DVR, drone-cameras, burglar-alarm system and other security gadget equipment and consumables.

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Sales & Repairs of computers

With our able team, we supply our clients durable and affordable computers; while taking on repairs, maintenance and consultancy services.

Digitech consult offers cost effective and budget-friendly sales, repairs and maintenance of different computer systems such as desktop, laptop, notepad, notebooks and other computer peripherals such as printers, scanners, cables, speakers, mouse, keyboards etc over the years.

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Web Design & Hosting

For responsive website, Digitech gives best as we offer our clients excellent and beautiful web design and services such as App development, Data capturing and Management etc

The websites we have designed for our clients over the years speaks for us, ranging from bussiness/enterprises websites for companies and small businesses, educational websites for schools and educational institutions for both school management and online studies, personal websites, bloggs, hotels and restaurants, travel agents, etc.

A trial will convince you as our prices are customer and budget friendly.

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Training and Consultancy

We offer high-quality, flexible and budget friendly modern training and consultancy

Over the years our training programs have been speaking for us. Our training programs includes ICT trainings, Electrical design and installation trainings, Repair and maintenance of laptop training, CCTV installation trainings, Graphic design trainings and Web design trainings.

Our training programs were specially designed to cater for both working-class, school leavers, school drop-outs, graduates and students who wish to make careers in ICT and Engineering.

Hence, to capture the interest of these different groups, our training includes both online and offline training programs.

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Graphic Design and Branding

We offer quality cost-effective Branding services to our clients for many years.

This service includes logo designs, bill-boards designs and mounting, marketing-adverts, school branding and advertisement, vehicle branding, event/ceremony venue branding, company branding, business branding and personal brandings such as gift-item and soveneiurs design and branding, etc.

Our services are both online(we design, produce and deliver to our numerous clients around the world) and offline.

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